Sunday, December 6, 2009

What a week!!!! Congrats Dear!!!

Wow, I had the perfect weekend. I couldn't imagine myself entering any open competition and survived through it alive heheh. This was the first and definitely not the end. I was happy. I saw my wife's eyes and they were filled with joy and excitement. This was her "thing". Her passion. She was poised and calm throughout the 3 hours ordeal. Don't get me wrong but i joined the contest too but the pressure and anticipation from on lookers was to great for me to bear. I quitted 15 minutes through out the competition and decided that photography was the next best thing for me. Thank god i brought the HX1 and started shooting away. I scouted the floor and found a few that just could compete with my wife's interpretation of 1Malaysia in NSK.
Organizers came and started taking pictures of my wife in action plus the crowd’s reaction to her drawing was very very positive. I was standing beside and that made me super proud haha. Min was busy finishing her piece and my mum also stroking her finishing touches. Boy, how lucky can I be? Heheheh... I was surely convinced and aware that my wife's piece was going to be selected for the finals but the end result of the night somehow surprised me.

After 1+ hour of waiting, seeing those "judges" deliberate, the result was clearly bias and surprising. I know i should be thankful and happy but this surely needs to be discussed and highlighted so that all the hard work and time given to complete one great "masterpiece" is appreciated and given the appropriate credit rather than relying in pure sentiment. Just imagine being told that the reason not getting the main prize was due to age difference? I don't care if you’re comparing an apple with an apple but her drawing sucks! It was full of flaws. No clear co/ organizers logo plus the main 1Malaysia logo!! What BULLSHIT is this? To be honest, the 3rd runner up was far better than the CHAMPION. Damn... damn... There it is. It's out in the open. I'll definitely continue when time permits me. Until that time arrives; adios!!

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