Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 2

So i managed to get through the first day of my diet adventure. It was damn tough. With countless of meetings blocks apart, the smell of foods my colleague brought, the lunch invites from here and there; wow, it was really a struggle! Thank god i have the love and support from my family especially my dear wife, 'aaliah and ammar. Syukur alhamdulillah... I conquered day 1.

Below are the vital stats.
2 piece of bread spread with kaya .. yummy!!

Jus Diet Mate 5


An Apple and an orange heheheh
Jus Diet Mate 5

Feeling Stat:
Felt freakin horrible heheh.. espcially when everybody is eating away at the kitchen. Dang, mental focus is highy needed at this early stage and help and support from your spouse is KEY. As for me, i just focus on what i've learned in 7 habits - sharpen the saw and also imagine the fruit of my labour in a few months time; as the saying goes; NO PAIN, NO GAIN!!!

Weight Stat:
Current weight (3rd Nov 2009) : 125.4 kg
Previous Weight (2nd Nov 2009) : 126.8 kg
Weight Loss : 1.4 kg
Current BMI : 48.98
Target BMI : 30.00
Target weight : 76.80 kg
Weight Loss Needed to achieve BMI : 48.6 kg

Remarks:Will slot in a 30 minutes exercise regime everyday starting 3rd November 2009, insyallah. Till tomorrow's stats; adios!