Monday, November 2, 2009

Self Reminder

Just a reminder to oneself. After a few discussion and inputs from close friends and dear readers, this is the few things that I’ll upload and update when time permits.

1. Picture of my scale heheh. Will start tomorrow.

2. Picture of myself?? emmm.. will try to upload that and the purpose of this is to track visually the improvements targeted.

3. Picture of myself - sideways. It can be turned to an animation or a fast forward system or to remind oneself on how time flies hehehe..(this one i loike heheheh)

4. To start the same initiative in Facebook. Wow, this one is really superb! How did i miss this? Will transfer everything from day 1 till now to my fb account and will start to update both (blogspot and fb) in parallel.

Will start to collect feedbacks and will update here asap.


Until next time, adios!!

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