Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shirt Conquered

One of my personal victory!! You know, along our wonderfull journey as husband and wife, my dear Nad had bought alot of nice shirts and attire for me to wear but unfortunately, most of them i just couldnt wear it due to my increasing size and volume heheh. But that's all is going to change soon as i managed to fit perfectly in one
of them this morning. Infact i am wearing it as i write hahah.

Talk about determination and will power. These are a few tips from me to you; yes you! dear readers on how to stay focus maintain your long term goal. Go buy one shirt or pants which is your targeted size and aim for that!! It will work wonders and with encouragement from your family and blessings from Allah swt,you're gonna reach your BMI target and get fit soon; Insya-Allah.
Soon ...
I just can't describe the feeling and my wife's looks when i managed to wear it this morning. IT FELT GREAT!!!!!Thank You Dear!! One great shirt conquered; 5 to go hehehe.. All of these shirts were bought sometime ago and differ in sizes. My final goal; Insyallah when i reach it sometimes in the future is to fit that spanking L sized Bonia eheeheh... Till my next ramblings... Adios!!

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