Monday, November 16, 2009

The plateau of Death??

Hehehe... I bet anyone who has started, experienced or currently in a diet or exercise regime will come across with this term.Yes, scientifically is damn dificult to explain but using my own experience and word; its when my body slowly build some sort of resistance towards all the exercise and weight reducing activities by slowing drastically its metabolism rate thus making my target to reduce weight that much more dificult. It's sort like a an extreme in a graph. It's the time when you felt you gave your 200% but received 0 in award. This is the time where most of the people loose their will and determination to continue. The time where all are lost. You feel frustrated. You feel angry.

Haih. But having experience this moment time and time again, I can easily say that THIS PHASE will quickly pass. Don't be fooled by the weight counter. Don't lose HOPE. Remember the Circle Of Influence. This is within YOUR control. Don't get fooled by the your inner dark side and remember and have faith in Allah swt and in YOURSELF. Be STRONG!

Once you gone through this Phase, you will discover wonders. You will find that your body will adapt and response more better to any exercise and you will see how fast your weight will go down. The only thing is TIME. That's only obstacle for me and you. REMEMBER !!! BE STRONG!!!

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