Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 1 of 90

So today is the day. The day of my long journey towards one goal in mind; health. I weighted up and am currently at 126.8 kg!. Yes, you read it right, its 126.8 kg of 29 years heheh. I'll capture a before pic and upload it once i can find that precious free second right after work.

Sharpen the saw. That is what I've learn during my 7 habits course and it's the most important step anyone can take including mine. Here are some ground rules for this 90 days course;

1. Food intake is only limited to 1000 cal/day so what i eat is extremely important!
2. No rice for the whole duration.
3. Drink plenty of fluids!
4. Exercise at least 30 mins per day - My trusty static bike will help me on this.
5. Will figure out more along the way heheh.

So until tomorrow; adios!

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